About SavvyMotorist

SavvyMotorist was created because we felt that there was a need for people to buy and sell their used cars in a setting where users have large inventory available in their respective areas. Ads from dealerships are updated daily and sold inventory is quickly removed. We are featuring ads from multiple dealership in one location in addition to private offerings. Apart from having free advertising services as well as a paid service, SavvyMotorist offers benefits that we feel you will appreciate, such as:

  • Creating a free ad where selling your car will be easy to set up
  • You can add unlimited pictures for free
  • You are in control of your ads from the moment you register until your car has been sold, with the ability to promote your vehicles through premium features, such as top ad, highlighted ad, sponsor ad and pay per click ads
  • For those people looking to buy a car, we wanted to be sure that you could find "your car" simply and easily as we know that your time is valuable
  • We know that you don't want to travel far, so we have created a way for you to see ads locally as well as globally
  • As we have a large inventory, our turn over is high so that you only see "real" cars for sale